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Some tips to make body building easier

Just like losing fats, body building is also not easy, it took me a good whole year or maybe more to gain a body perfect for a woman’s eye. Who does not love staying fit? We humans always try to change how we look and keep on improving ourselves. With women, they try to make themselves pretty with some makeup while men do it with by gaining a muscular physique.

I wish building muscles was as easy as putting on some make up. But unfortunately, it take months of rigorous training and strict look out on your food to gain a body like Hercules. As for me, I was determined to gain muscle mass and change the way I looked. From fat to fit, the journey was definitely not an easy one.

  • The morning walks to evening trainings

Because I weighed more than I should have, I had to work more in order to change my body for the better. Waking up early in the morning for a walk was not an easy decision to make. Sometimes the cozy bed of mine never let me go but I was determined to change my life for the better, every day started with jogging so I could burn the extra fats and ended up with some weight training to focus on gaining the good muscle mass.

Man, were those trainings difficult. I still remember to be unable to pick up a dumbbell because of how much it weighted. It took my body a good few weeks to adjust to the new routine and get rid of the achy muscles.  But lifting weights was not the only thing that I did in the gym. To speed up the results, my training had been merged with various exercises so that I burned calories and gained muscle mass simultaneously.

  • Marine muscle: My savior

Strength and weight training can take a toll on your body as well. I was tired, worn out and after returning to home my energy level used to be nil. This was before I came across marine muscle. It may sound cliché but this bottle of pills s famous in the body building industry and for sure gives you great results.

A combination of perfectly safe and natural ingredients, this product focuses on improving the production of protein and increases the levels of nitric oxide so that your muscles can stay active and gain mass quickly. The best part it that once I started taking this pill, I felt more energized and active; I was more driven to workout which made me less exhausted and tired now. Not only this but it improved my stamina, focus and helped me gain more strength. Since I started taking it, I saw a huge difference in my results and was able to achieve my goal faster.

  • Cutting back on calories

Giving up my favorite food and replacing it with healthier options was the most difficult change for me to accept being a food lover obviously. Saying goodbye to fires and sodas and welcoming fruits and veggies was not easy. Because of being overweight, I was supposed to cut back on my caloric intake in order to burn more fats and focus on having protein to keep the process of building up muscle mass going.

From three big meals I switched to five small meals ensuring that I never go into starvation mode. Also when I hit my weight plateau and was unable to see a visible difference in my body building efforts, I changed my routine of eating to overcome it which actually worked. When working out to increase muscle mass, remember to keep changing your training and eating routine so that you do not get stuck on a single point.

  • Remember to stay active

Going to the gym and working out for an hour is only going to slow down the process give you late results. If you want to achieve some quick results, just keep on moving the whole day. Staying active as much as you can is the key to getting faster results but so give your body time to rest and re-gain its strength of the next day. BlackWolf Workout

  • The final call

Body building is a great way to test your patience. There were times when I wanted to give up but then something inside me kept me going. It may be hard and time consuming but the results are worth it. For me, Marine Muscle became my savior as the supplement kept me moving forward and active in ways I never expected.

Once I started taking it, I could actually feel a huge difference in my energy level before and after the training sessions. I felt more fresh and light and even without eating much, I remained fueled up for taking up things that I would have normally left undone after my gym session. And the best part is I actually was able to pace up my efforts and build muscle mass faster than expected after using this magical product called marine Muscle. So for all the body building crazy people, do give it a try!

Things that vanished my manhood problems

Being a shy boy, I never felt comfortable around ladies. As I grew up and started discovering my desires, somewhere down the path sex took a back seat and the reason was something that I didn’t really want to accept. Just like normal guys, I too fantasized about having fun in bed upon seeing a beautiful lady but due to certain circumstances I never gathered the guts to turn it into a reality.

I was amongst the most unfortunate group of men who faced a problem with their manhood and believe me, small penis is not the only thing that worried me. No matter how much I wished to enjoy sex, I was scared of being labeled as an impotent or called a perv because my penis lacked the basic function. All my adolescence, I covered myself in huge clothes and stayed away from girls so that no one was able to come across my actual problem.

It was when I become an adult I realized that I cannot simply waste my life hiding behind things and it was time to face my problem like a true man. Yes, I suffered from weak erections and had a penis that measured smaller than the others. I was ready to admit that I had a disastrous sex life and never was I able to satisfy a lady with this tiny thing. Facing the reality bought me peace and then started my journey towards finding ways to improve the size of my dong and cure all the problems. Here are the things that actually worked for me:

  • Massage with VigRX oil

As crazy it may sound, massaging penis with this oil actually worked well for me. VigRX oil is an amazing product that is made from natural ingredients that work wonders on your penis are completely gentle on your skin. I was never a fan of artificial products but when I searched the internet and found positive reviews on it, it thought of giving it a try.

With the right massaging techniques when applied, this oil increases the levels of nitric oxide in the body to improve the blood flow towards the penis. When filled with oxygen and blood, the penile tissues are able to gain strength and expand on their own. Not only has this oil helped me in increasing the size of my dong but also improved my sex drive, focus and timing. My orgasms are intense and I can rock the show all night long without getting exhausted. Maxoderm

  • Some exercises work great

Small penis was least f my problems. I was more worried about not being able to have form erections and control my ejaculation which was actually very embarrassing. Imagine bringing a lady to your home by promising her to have fun and not being able to deliver it, nothing can make you feel more ashamed of yourself.

Thanks to Google, I came across different exercise to strengthen the penile tissues for a better performance. And man, these exercises were fun and easy to do. What was I supposed to do? During a bath, try watching some porn to arouse you and when on the verge of ejaculating, try to stop yourself from Cumming. This is one of the best exercises to do if you face manhood problem just like me because it definitely worked for me.

  • The perfect fit

This may sound too unreal to be true but since I realized that my choice of clothes can actually affect the growth of my penis, I started paying more attention on as what to wear. Skinny jeans may be in these days, but wearing tight pajamas or underwear is one of the biggest reasons of slowing the growth of your dong.

Do ensure the penis keeps on growing at its normal pace; you need to give it space and feed it with the right nutrients. Since I have started wearing lose pants, I can actually feel my dong taking sigh of relieve and enhancing in size. With clothes that fit perfectly helps in improving the blood flow to the penile tissues resulting in a bigger dong in just a matter of few weeks.

  • Conclusion

For me, getting reconnected to my sex life and regaining my confidence was not an easy one. Thanks to VigRX Oil, I was able to build up some hope of positive results. Unlike other fake creams and pills, not only does this oil works miracles but is very much affordable. And the results were visible in just a few weeks.

If you suffer from lack of confidence because of your small dong, it is time to try these tips and just like me, you’ll be able to come back with a bang and enjoy riding your partner all night long.

Quick Tips For Buying Sexual Enhancement Pills (For Men)

Men who are not happy about their sexual ability and looking for products to give them a sexual boost often resort to the internet for answers on which products to buy. There is no shortage of quick-fix sexual enhancement pills available online, but the big question is which ones are legit and which are scams?

Trying to find a legitimate and safe product for male enhancement can be a tricky task, thanks to all the spammers and scammers who are pushing around fake products with no moral constraints. So to help you eliminate possible rip-offs from your shopping list, here are some tips and guidelines to keep in mind the next time you set out searching for a sex booster pill.

Tip 1: Know what to expect from a supplement

Dietary supplements are basically food extracts that mildly enhance some functions of your body, including sexual functions. They are not medications and they don’t work as fast or strong as prescription drugs.

OTC male supplements can improve your libido, stamina, energy and erectile function in case your diet is missing some significant nutrients. However, if you already have a healthy diet and your sexual ability is in its optimal shape then don’t expect anything more from supplements.

Tip 2: Study the ingredients

There are dozens of different herbs, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients that are believed to help improve sexual performance in men. Some of them have been clinically studied and shown promise, while others are merely based on traditional beliefs of their medicinal value.

What you should do before buying any supplement is study its label and then research further scientific studies on each of the ingredients. This will take time but it’s better than wasting your money on something with little to zero benefits.

But also keep in mind that even good ingredients may not be effective for everyone. Take VigRX Plus for instance; it has a good formula of virility-enhancing herbs, and although many consumers noticed improvement upon taking this supplement, it may not work for everyone.

Tip 3: Don’t just rely on online reviews

Normally people go looking for other consumers’ feedback when deciding between different products, but that’s not always the best way to evaluate a supplement.

There are a great deal of fake reviews on Amazon and most review websites made by people who get paid to promote the products, yet posing as real customers. So use your common sense when going through reviews and do your due diligence carefully.

Tip 4: Stay away from ‘growth’ pills

There is a huge supply and demand for penis growth pills, thanks to foolish men willing to waste their money on such miracle products! Any pill that claims to make your penis grow is a scam, end of story.

If you are looking for means to increase your size, then drop all pills and drugs from the shopping list because none of them does that.

Apart from surgery, there is one method of penis enlargement that has been shown to provide limited success, which is using an extender device to stretch your penis for an extended period of time (6-12 months). Again, this technique has a limited success rate and may not be advantageous for most users, but still a considerable option. Semenax

Tip 5: Don’t be fooled by guarantees

Most sexual enhancement supplements will promise you it is ‘guaranteed’ to work or you will get your money back. That sounds fair and risk-free (financially), right?

It sure does sound so, but when it comes to actually getting your money back after you find out the product didn’t work for you, that’s when things start getting complicated and frustrating.

Most companies will make the return and refund process so difficult and slow where you may end up spending more on headache medications than what you’d hopefully get back. Not to mention that they usually deduct fees for shipping and handling, restocking and/or cancelling your subscription. Make sure you read the company’s policy regarding refunds before you give them any payment details.

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid potential scams the next time you are shopping for a sexual enhancer online. Always use your good judgment and don’t fall for wonder pills!

Learn from Kerri Bolen: The most unexpected Body builder!

The world’s famous bodybuilders are legends and there is no doubt they stand out from the crowd. Today, we will shed light on Kerri Bolen’s life and how she was more than just a fitness freak. Legal Steroids GNC 2017
While she could have called the whole journey quits, she managed to pour in efforts and climb the podium with grace by becoming one of the most respected pro bodybuilders the history has to mark!

Here is what you can learn from her and take inspiration from if bodybuilding is your dream!

Brief about ‘Kerri Bolen’

By hanging out with her uncle as a teenager who loved lifting weights, she got inspired by the whole idea. Moreover, when she started reading muscle and fitness magazines and idealizing the body building women, she knew she needed to take this path!

While she competed in the most amazing body building contests and competitions, she also made to the news with loads of awards under her belt. Her secrets? Well, take a look below and learn how she enticed body building success on her own with 5 basic rules.

Rule 1: Hard Work is Key

Normally various novice bodybuilders start giving up at early stages due to lack of stamina, poor endurance levels or fatigue. With Kerri Bolen, this was not the case.
Her motto was dependent on hard work and that is why she succeeded with grace.
While she kept pushing her endurance levels and worked hard at the gym, she also stayed fit by indulging in nutritious body building foods on daily basis.
Moreover, with the passage of time, she developed mental skills which pointed towards bigger goals compared to just building strong arms, such as signing up for competitions and spring shows.

Rule 2: Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is as great a pillar as hard work since both go hand in hand. Without motivation and drive, you cannot achieve the goals you set, even on daily basis.
For this reason Kerri advices her followers to stay motivated just like she did all the years. Her secret to motivation? Simple. She not only set short term goals but also compared ‘before and after pictures’ of her own. By seeing the difference and meeting weekly goals, she felt even more motivated and desired to do much more. Moreover she gave credit to her trainers and her loving husband for utmost motivation.

Rule 3: Don’t Be scared to use Free Weights

Most bodybuilders start their routine by working on different machines instead of weights. While Kerri urged that machines are also great, she also pointed out how machines do not focus on different muscles or the body as a whole. Machines merely help you with a certain amount of muscles and do not let you use different set of muscles once the first group is trained.
She stated that free weights are great for training diverse muscle groups as you will know what you are exactly aiming for. Likewise, free weights are easily found in different gyms and can also be kept in homes for home based exercises.

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Rule 4: A Nutritious Diet Plays the most important role

Diet plays a crucial role in the life of a bodybuilder. While it helps gain muscle mass and energy, a poor diet can also ruin you within days.
As for Kerri, she replied that taking 5 to 6 small meals a day is the key to fitness. Not only does the metabolic rate stays boosted but the energy levels stay high as the sky!
Kerri Bolen eats healthy meals full of protein, carbs, vitamins, dairy products, sea food and what not. Her first meal usually includes skimmed milk, eggs, green vegetables and flax oil. Her other meals include meat, chicken, whey protein, etc.

Rule 5: Be Flexible when your Path Changes!

Bodybuilding is not only about gaining muscle mass, building it and showing it off later! It is about taking care of your health and the muscles you created so that they be sustained for a longer period of time without any serious consequences.

Speaking of consequences, Kerri witnessed the change of plan with her aim to enter the world final championship in 2013 going south due to her lower back injury. While she could have trained in pain and still have entered the show, she decided to be flexible and rested the whole year. The down side to it was that when she decided to get back in the game in 2014, she injured her shoulder and her father passed away as well.
By being emotionally and physically manipulated, she decided to let things run their natural course and get back with a bang in 2015. And she did!
The lesson is to not emotionally and physically damage yourself, instead letting yourself rest when you need it most and be flexible for the betterment.

9 foods you need to add to your diet for an ideal manly physique

A V shaped body full of strong hardcore muscles is what every guy needs! While consistent gym workouts, bench presses, pull-ups and push-ups do the trick for you, on the other hand, they are not enough!
If you have planned to change the entire look of your body, you must be indulging in high protein meals already. However, protein in the form of meat is not enough for you.

If you truly want results, take a look below and find out the list of top food items you need to add to your diet in order to not only gain muscles, but build them properly while sustaining them in the long run. Here we go!

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is ideal for muscle builders. While it is low in carbohydrates, it is rich in protein and essential nutrients. While settling for plain yogurt is also an option, the added advantage of Greek yogurt is its creamy taste, its unique flavor, high levels of protein while being low in sugar content and carbs.
Enjoy your Greek yogurt in a bowl without flavoring or for added energy, chop a banana, mix it well and eat away!

Dairy Eggs

Eggs are the first choice of breakfast for many but did you know that eggs have omega 3, protein, iron, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients? Eggs not only provide you with added energy but also boost your metabolic rate while providing the body with disease fighting agents.
Moreover, eggs are perfect for body builders! Whether consumed raw in a protein shake or in the form of an omelet, eggs are like water for the plants, gasoline for fire and air for humans!
If you truly want your triceps to show, simply add 2-3 eggs in your daily diet while working out consistently.

Raw Nuts

Nuts are not only easy to consume but are also packed with quality nutrients, spot on for muscle builders! Nuts are rich in fiber, vitamins, protein and good fats, ideal for a muscle builder as they provide the person with added amounts of energy and fats without busting the waistline!
Take a handful of mixed nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, etc and  let your body become the epitome of a body builder!

Cottage Cheese Fat-Full

Cottage cheese is a blend of different nutrients but most importantly it is rich in the slow digesting dairy protein, Casein. Casein helps improve the amino acid levels in the blood while sustaining them for a longer duration so that you can work out to the maximum to gain hardcore muscles like never before.


Salmon is packed with protein while being low in mercury count, unlike canned tuna. Salmon is a great choice of food in the shape of a burger, salad with salmon chunks, grilled salmon, etc. Salmon provides muscle builders with added omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids, protein, vitamins, minerals and energy.
Have your ideal dose of salmon once a week and see the difference.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are not only perfect for gaining back energy post workout but are also ideal pre workout sessions to gain strength. Since protein shakes are the powerhouse of protein, fiber, vitamins and are full of hydration; they are one of the best foods you can consume when building muscles.
Whether you settle for a strawberries and banana protein shake or indulge in a peanut butter delight, all shakes have something unique to offer.

Checkout online tutorials for amazing recipes of pre and post workout shakes. Add one to your daily diet and notice the energy difference!

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Lean Beef and Chicken

Beef has been the crown food of muscle building and rightly so. Beef is a blend of energy based nutrients which are spot on for muscle building, muscle sustenance and definitely muscle repair and growth. Beef has amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B’s, monounsaturated fats and creatine. Creatine is the main agent when muscle growth is in question.
Beef provides the person with added amounts of energy, perfect for working out at the gym and lean beef is also ideal post workout in order to regain strength back.
Chicken is also another alternate to lean beef when you want to change your taste and still pack on proteins. With almost similar nutritious facts, chicken is another food which can be consumed in many forms for a boost of energy.


When you need to have a protein rich meal without worrying about gaining weight or adding layers to your waist line, always go for lentils and legumes. Lentils are the powerhouse of energy as they are rich in protein and slow digesting carbs. Simply boil or cook your lentils at home effortlessly and enjoy them even when on the go to boost your energy instantly.

Enjoy these 9 foods and pack on protein like never before!