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Learn from Kerri Bolen: The most unexpected Body builder!

The world’s famous bodybuilders are legends and there is no doubt they stand out from the crowd. Today, we will shed light on Kerri Bolen’s life and how she was more than just a fitness freak. Legal Steroids GNC 2017
While she could have called the whole journey quits, she managed to pour in efforts and climb the podium with grace by becoming one of the most respected pro bodybuilders the history has to mark!

Here is what you can learn from her and take inspiration from if bodybuilding is your dream!

Brief about ‘Kerri Bolen’

By hanging out with her uncle as a teenager who loved lifting weights, she got inspired by the whole idea. Moreover, when she started reading muscle and fitness magazines and idealizing the body building women, she knew she needed to take this path!

While she competed in the most amazing body building contests and competitions, she also made to the news with loads of awards under her belt. Her secrets? Well, take a look below and learn how she enticed body building success on her own with 5 basic rules.

Rule 1: Hard Work is Key

Normally various novice bodybuilders start giving up at early stages due to lack of stamina, poor endurance levels or fatigue. With Kerri Bolen, this was not the case.
Her motto was dependent on hard work and that is why she succeeded with grace.
While she kept pushing her endurance levels and worked hard at the gym, she also stayed fit by indulging in nutritious body building foods on daily basis.
Moreover, with the passage of time, she developed mental skills which pointed towards bigger goals compared to just building strong arms, such as signing up for competitions and spring shows.

Rule 2: Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is as great a pillar as hard work since both go hand in hand. Without motivation and drive, you cannot achieve the goals you set, even on daily basis.
For this reason Kerri advices her followers to stay motivated just like she did all the years. Her secret to motivation? Simple. She not only set short term goals but also compared ‘before and after pictures’ of her own. By seeing the difference and meeting weekly goals, she felt even more motivated and desired to do much more. Moreover she gave credit to her trainers and her loving husband for utmost motivation.

Rule 3: Don’t Be scared to use Free Weights

Most bodybuilders start their routine by working on different machines instead of weights. While Kerri urged that machines are also great, she also pointed out how machines do not focus on different muscles or the body as a whole. Machines merely help you with a certain amount of muscles and do not let you use different set of muscles once the first group is trained.
She stated that free weights are great for training diverse muscle groups as you will know what you are exactly aiming for. Likewise, free weights are easily found in different gyms and can also be kept in homes for home based exercises.

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Rule 4: A Nutritious Diet Plays the most important role

Diet plays a crucial role in the life of a bodybuilder. While it helps gain muscle mass and energy, a poor diet can also ruin you within days.
As for Kerri, she replied that taking 5 to 6 small meals a day is the key to fitness. Not only does the metabolic rate stays boosted but the energy levels stay high as the sky!
Kerri Bolen eats healthy meals full of protein, carbs, vitamins, dairy products, sea food and what not. Her first meal usually includes skimmed milk, eggs, green vegetables and flax oil. Her other meals include meat, chicken, whey protein, etc.

Rule 5: Be Flexible when your Path Changes!

Bodybuilding is not only about gaining muscle mass, building it and showing it off later! It is about taking care of your health and the muscles you created so that they be sustained for a longer period of time without any serious consequences.

Speaking of consequences, Kerri witnessed the change of plan with her aim to enter the world final championship in 2013 going south due to her lower back injury. While she could have trained in pain and still have entered the show, she decided to be flexible and rested the whole year. The down side to it was that when she decided to get back in the game in 2014, she injured her shoulder and her father passed away as well.
By being emotionally and physically manipulated, she decided to let things run their natural course and get back with a bang in 2015. And she did!
The lesson is to not emotionally and physically damage yourself, instead letting yourself rest when you need it most and be flexible for the betterment.