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9 foods you need to add to your diet for an ideal manly physique

A V shaped body full of strong hardcore muscles is what every guy needs! While consistent gym workouts, bench presses, pull-ups and push-ups do the trick for you, on the other hand, they are not enough!
If you have planned to change the entire look of your body, you must be indulging in high protein meals already. However, protein in the form of meat is not enough for you.

If you truly want results, take a look below and find out the list of top food items you need to add to your diet in order to not only gain muscles, but build them properly while sustaining them in the long run. Here we go!

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is ideal for muscle builders. While it is low in carbohydrates, it is rich in protein and essential nutrients. While settling for plain yogurt is also an option, the added advantage of Greek yogurt is its creamy taste, its unique flavor, high levels of protein while being low in sugar content and carbs.
Enjoy your Greek yogurt in a bowl without flavoring or for added energy, chop a banana, mix it well and eat away!

Dairy Eggs

Eggs are the first choice of breakfast for many but did you know that eggs have omega 3, protein, iron, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients? Eggs not only provide you with added energy but also boost your metabolic rate while providing the body with disease fighting agents.
Moreover, eggs are perfect for body builders! Whether consumed raw in a protein shake or in the form of an omelet, eggs are like water for the plants, gasoline for fire and air for humans!
If you truly want your triceps to show, simply add 2-3 eggs in your daily diet while working out consistently.

Raw Nuts

Nuts are not only easy to consume but are also packed with quality nutrients, spot on for muscle builders! Nuts are rich in fiber, vitamins, protein and good fats, ideal for a muscle builder as they provide the person with added amounts of energy and fats without busting the waistline!
Take a handful of mixed nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, etc and  let your body become the epitome of a body builder!

Cottage Cheese Fat-Full

Cottage cheese is a blend of different nutrients but most importantly it is rich in the slow digesting dairy protein, Casein. Casein helps improve the amino acid levels in the blood while sustaining them for a longer duration so that you can work out to the maximum to gain hardcore muscles like never before.


Salmon is packed with protein while being low in mercury count, unlike canned tuna. Salmon is a great choice of food in the shape of a burger, salad with salmon chunks, grilled salmon, etc. Salmon provides muscle builders with added omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids, protein, vitamins, minerals and energy.
Have your ideal dose of salmon once a week and see the difference.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are not only perfect for gaining back energy post workout but are also ideal pre workout sessions to gain strength. Since protein shakes are the powerhouse of protein, fiber, vitamins and are full of hydration; they are one of the best foods you can consume when building muscles.
Whether you settle for a strawberries and banana protein shake or indulge in a peanut butter delight, all shakes have something unique to offer.

Checkout online tutorials for amazing recipes of pre and post workout shakes. Add one to your daily diet and notice the energy difference!

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Lean Beef and Chicken

Beef has been the crown food of muscle building and rightly so. Beef is a blend of energy based nutrients which are spot on for muscle building, muscle sustenance and definitely muscle repair and growth. Beef has amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B’s, monounsaturated fats and creatine. Creatine is the main agent when muscle growth is in question.
Beef provides the person with added amounts of energy, perfect for working out at the gym and lean beef is also ideal post workout in order to regain strength back.
Chicken is also another alternate to lean beef when you want to change your taste and still pack on proteins. With almost similar nutritious facts, chicken is another food which can be consumed in many forms for a boost of energy.


When you need to have a protein rich meal without worrying about gaining weight or adding layers to your waist line, always go for lentils and legumes. Lentils are the powerhouse of energy as they are rich in protein and slow digesting carbs. Simply boil or cook your lentils at home effortlessly and enjoy them even when on the go to boost your energy instantly.

Enjoy these 9 foods and pack on protein like never before!