How to attach a metal snap prong button

Before we begin only a note on the devices you can use to append the metal snap prong buttons. Not every person will have the unique eyelet/prong pincers that I want to utilize so press buttons for clothes I will walk you through the straightforward technique utilizing plain old forceps. In the event that you like to utilize the uncommon device that accompanies most catch units at that point please take after the directions on the back of the bundle it accompanied, as I am Horrendous with this and can’t help you. I can never adjust the parts appropriately and have squandered numerous a stud catch and wounded many fingers all the while.

What you will require

Snap prong catch – 4 sections – hued metal (top prong), stud, attachment and base prong.

One of the accompanying devices

Uncommon eyelet/prong pincers

Catch device (metal thing) and sledge

Typical pincers + an extra bit of texture

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