Skinade: Collagen Drink for Beautiful Skin

All the ladies who are in their middle ages know how the aging acts. Many of them have started using anti-aging products, mainly creams to make their skin better. The world around us has not a very long history of chemically induced skin care products. The beauty tips were a part of every culture from the beginning of time which eventually developed into chemical based products for making the skin better.

Aging is a natural process which is initiated in middle ages. It is determined by the changed skin coloration or texture which makes every woman worried. Fine lines, dark patches, puffiness, and wrinkles are some of the few determinants of aging. There are several skin products which claim to reverse or modify the aging. Due to awareness and technology, everyone is aware of such products since they are widely spread in markets. More than half women use anti-aging products in routine to overcome aging. Anyone who uses any anti-aging product or anyone who has bought an anti-aging product knows what “collagen” is and how is it related to the aging.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is an abundant fibrous protein in all mammals which plays the role to determine the texture of skin. In humans, normal levels of collagen give your skin a natural firmness, uplift, youthfulness and resilient. It is combined with amino acids which keep the function of collagen clean and functional always. Collagen accounts for 30% protein of the body which makes it present in all parts of the body, not just the skin. It is even parts of blood vessels and provides them with elasticity for smoother blood flow.

When the aging starts, collagen begins to break. The breakage of collagen causes fine lines, roughness, dry and hard skin and wrinkles on the skin. For this reason, it is added to almost all anti-aging products to increase the effectiveness of the product with good results.

How To Increase Collagen Levels?

Many people in their middle ages start taking collagen treatments to avoid aging. The use injections, fillers or creams to prevent and cure the fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen injections are the fastest result producing method but with equal harmful effects since it is not a natural way of adding collagen to the skin. Recent studies have suggested avoiding the collagen injections and supplements. A more effective method to raise the collagen levels with least side effects is to drink collagen. It sounds weird but it really works.

Collagen Drinks 

With an increased trend of anti-aging products, scientists have developed a new and safe way of raising collagen levels which are further supported by the beauty experts. In Asia, this trend is not new and collagen drinks are available with multiple brand names for sale commercially. In the US, this trend is relatively new. Western brands have recently formulated and introduced the collagen drinks to the commercial market. Zeta White

Collagen is not just one protein, it has amino acids such as glycine, proline and lysine in it with are effective for the repair of connective tissues, joints, and skin. Sipping collagen in your favorite drinks provides the elasticity, repair and improved texture to the whole body. The collagen injections are mostly used on the face alone. Taking  collagen in drinks works as a complete package for skin improvement.

These collagen drinks have given a competition to the botox for a youthful look. Many big brand companies have designed their own collagen drinks which are being widely sold. Usually, they are available in a powder form which can be mixed with water. The collagen in this supplementary drink is taken from fish, which is by far the most effective source of collagen. These drinks are generally called collagen water or collagen juice.

Collagen Drinks- Are They Effective?

Previous studies didn’t remark collagen drinks effective. They considered injections and supplements to be more helpful. Some recent studies have changed this concept. For this reason, it is suggested to use collagen drinks than to spend money on other waste products.

Latest Advancements 

The latest study on the efficiency of collagen drinks , published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. It carefully examined the skin of study participants before and after taking collagen supplements. The controlled group was underwent through a placebo experimentation. The results astonished everyone. The people actually taking the collagen as supplementary drinks were found to be having a healthier skin and improved texture as compared to the control group. Contrary to the popular belief of collagen drinks being useless, it was studied to be highly helpful.

How To Select A Collagen Drink?

There are several brands which sell these drinks. The choice is personal however, it could be based on online research on the product, customer reviewing or suggestion by a health or beauty expert.

Skinade is one of the big brands for collagen drinks which is popular for its effective results. It is a multiple awards winning product which is available in peach and mangosteen flavor drinks as collagen supplement.

The additional hyaluronic acid in Skinade makes the skin looks fresh and young in only 30 days. It is manufactured by a UK based company which is famous for its top line products. Skinade provides essential micronutrients in a liquid form to the skin which rebuild the collagen in the skin. It reduces the sign of aging by improving the texture of the skin. It also initiates the natural collagen production and hyaluronic acid which restores the lost freshness. It works on an inside-out pattern.

It works from inside which shows results visible on the outside. Skinade has a 100% absorption rate which makes almost all quantity of its ingredients to be absorbed and working for the skin. It is suggested to be used for at least 30 days. The results which Skinade provides to your skin are countless.

It hydrates and moisturizes the skin. It reduces and removes the fine lines and wrinkles. It works best for puffiness and discoloration. Overall it gives a healthy glow and freshness to the skin.

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